Widening of SR 17 - Franklin County, GA

This project included the design for the widening of approximately 4 miles of SR 17 from the Stephens County line to I-85. The project included realignment and improvements to the intersections at the I-85 interchange ramps as well as a new intersection at the proposed Lavonia By-Pass. The proposed improvements include widening to a four lane rural roadway with a 44’ depressed grassed median for a majority of the improved roadway. The existing bridge over I-85 was widened and raised. An extensive part of the widening design included coordination with the existing railroad adjacent which runs parallel to the roadway. The design also included the development of an extensive storm drainage system and modifications to the I-85 ramps. The proposed widening provides a four lane section with both urban and depressed grass medians. Pond managed the preparation of an Environmental Assessment and all related environmental special studies. Key environmental tasks included: waters delineation & permitting; protected species evaluation; air & noise analysis; cultural resources; Section 4(f) evaluation; and environmental justice.

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