Our Safety Culture

We focus on proactive safety actions.

Pond management recognizes the importance of employee health and safety and is committed to achieving an injury free workplace. Our expectation is that each employee and all stakeholders will contribute to our evolving culture of safety interdependence by protecting themselves and those they work with. All employees are empowered to stop work that they feel will result in an injury, and seek continual improvement solutions that will prevent future recurrence.

We routinely measure the achievement of annual health and safety goals, and routinely recognize employees for going above and beyond. Employee health and safety has become a culture at Pond. The level of training, ownership, and trust in our Health and Safety program makes Pond more than a safe workplace; it creates a company that continues to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Our Safety Vision
We will actively care for the well-being of ourselves, co-workers, families, clients, and subcontractors
We will be Safety Leaders. We will never compromise on safety – it is our first thought
We will enable a “safety first and all of the time” culture wherever we live and work around the globe

The Four Basic Tenants of Employee Health and Safety:
  1. Management commitment and individual employee ownership
  2. Training and mentoring
  3. Health and Safety planning
  4. Hazard recognition and control

Our Proactive safety actions include:

  • Active Hazard Analysis (AHA)/ Job Safety Analysis (JSA) based Accident Prevention Plans / Health and Safety Plans
  • Sharing relevant stories and experiences
  • Employee empowerment with Stop Work Authority
  • Establishment of zero injury and illness goals
  • Employee and subcontractor health and safety training
  • New employee orientation and Buddy program
  • Subcontractor Due diligence review

Safety Awards

2019 Alabama Department of Labor Workplace Safety Award of Superior Achievement
2018 South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Safety Award
2018 AGC Georgia Safety Excellence Award
2017 AGC Georgia Safety Excellence Award
2017 AGC Willis Towers Watson Construction Safety Excellence Award for Construction Management
2017 Lone Star Safety Award
2016 AGC Georgia Safety Excellence Award


James E. Davis

James E. Davis

Corporate Director of Health and Safety


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