Mission Support Group (MSG) Complex
Pond developed design-bid-build construction documents based on the Customer Concept Document (CCD). During program revalidation, new user groups, including the USAF Global Strike Command (AFGSC), were identified, influencing mission requirements and facility design. Additional user groups caused the project’s program to exceed allowable square footage in the project’s programming. Through multi-day meetings with user groups and prompt command decisions, Pond successfully reprogrammed the facility to comply with the programming without impacting mission capabilities. The project adhered to DoD UFC design criteria, UFGS Specification guidelines, and sustainable design principles, emphasizing energy efficiency. The site posed unique challenges due to its long, narrow shape parallel to the main roadway, necessitating a linear design for the facility. Careful placement of the structure on the site, with parking areas at each end, satisfied anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) requirements and provided a presence for the Command Headquarters. The project achieved LEED Silver certification. The building includes command and control areas, administrative functions, conference areas, classrooms, and workspace for 15 functional units. Its exterior complements adjacent buildings at Barksdale AFB while incorporating modern design elements. The facility features curtain wall window systems, brick veneer, masonry water table, standing seam metal roof, and drops for SIPRNET and NIPRNET throughout. Pond designed classified telecommunications cabling in protected distribution raceways accessible for inspection and an intrusion detection system for secure areas. AT/FP measures include standoff distances, progressive collapse design, landscaping, appropriate fencing, blast-resistant framing, and window glazing. The LEED Silver facility incorporates sustainable site design, water use reduction, optimized energy performance, environmental controls, and architectural innovations for daylighting and shading.
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NAVFAC Southeast
Barksdale AFB, LA
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