Equipment Concentration Site, Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility and Warehouse
Pond, in a joint venture, developed full design and provided construction administration services for the new Equipment Concentration Site (ECS) and warehouse for the US Army Reserve in Gainesville, Florida. The ECS functions as a training and maintenance center, supporting the total Army Training Integration Mission and reducing travel distances for the 81st Readiness Division. The project comprised rehabilitating and reusing existing facilities and constructing a new 45,694-square-foot Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) with eight work bays, a 10-ton bridge crane, and various support rooms. An alteration repurposed a 26,642-square-foot high-bay warehouse, adding a 4,300 SF extension with palletized racking systems. The ECS also includes a 33.7-acre military equipment parking area and privately owned vehicle parking. All facilities were designed in compliance with Department of Defense UFC (Unified Facilities Criteria) and LEED requirements. Life-cycle cost analyses informed design decisions for building systems, optimizing energy efficiency and system effectiveness. Subsurface exploration guided site preparation and stormwater management efforts. Enhanced commissioning contributed to the project's LEED certification goals. The team provided comprehensive design for all supporting facilities, with a focus on LEED Silver certification for the TEMF building. Compliance with UFCs and coordination with relevant authorities ensured regulatory adherence and quality management throughout the project lifecycle. Construction phase services included submittal reviews, shop drawing assessments, and responses to contractor inquiries. Civil and geotechnical engineers provided on-site support, addressing foundation testing and groundwater conditions.
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Equipment Concentration Site (ECS) and warehouse for US Army Reserve
Equipment Concentration Site (ECS) and warehouse for US Army Reserve
USACE Louisville District
Gainesville, FL
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