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A quick glance of all our main services in alphabetical order.


Exceptional architecture is the successful convergence of art, science, creativity, passion and innovation. We craft meaningful environments to enhance our clients’ missions. Through responsible foresight and execution, we are designing tomorrow’s communities — today. Markets include commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, municipal, and public safety.

AC Mitigation
Our professionals have completed numerous AC Mitigation design and installation projects throughout the US. All designs are performed in house utilizing the SES modeling software.

Air Force
Our Military Facilities Program achieves the highest level of project satisfaction and meets mission critical objectives by providing full-service planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and construction management solutions to the U.S. Air Force. Our highly-trained and specialized professionals bring vast experience…

Our Airports Team is committed to getting your project off the ground. Pond is dedicated to the aviation community and constantly strives for opportunities to serve the needs of our clients. Our team of aviation specialists will provide you with unrivaled …

Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (AT/FP) Design
Our structural engineers are specialists in the application of UFC 4-010-01 and multiple security engineering UFC’s and USACE protective design center technical reports. Since 2006, Pond’s structural department has been involved in numerous new building designs and existing building renovations …

Arc Flash
Our experienced and highly trained engineers are dedicated to keeping your most valuable assets safe. Data centers, 24/7 businesses, hospitals, emergency services providers, and essential government services cannot shut down to address electrical issues.

Our Military Facilities Program achieves the highest level of project satisfaction by providing full-service planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and construction management solutions to the U.S. Army and Army Corps of Engineers. Our highly-trained and specialized professionals bring vast experience…

Asset Management
Pond provides comprehensive, real property Asset Management support services that enhance the client’s ability to deliver, manage, and maintain high-quality, efficient facilities.

Aviation Facilities
Our Aviation Facilities Group is committed to keeping your program flying with the breadth of experience from full-service planning, architecture, engineering, and construction management of aviation support facility projects. Our team of facilities specialists will provide you with unrivaled customer and …

Bridge Engineering
We offer extensive structural capabilities ranging from roadway structures to long-span major bridges. Our structural engineers are experienced in a broad range of structural types and can design your project to ensure a cost-effective, constructible structure. Our capabilities include: …

Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is critical to developing vibrant and growing communities with the design and maintenance of public works such as roads, bridges, water and energy systems.

Coating Integrity Assessments
The survey assessment & engineering of coatings to prevent failures, protect the environment and maximize capital investments. All designs and data analyses are performed by in-house NACE & SSPC Protective Coatings Inspectors. Supporting this group is a full-service engineering company …

Pond’s commissioning team consists of Professional Engineers, Commissioning Authority Professionals, Certified Energy Managers, and others providing detailed commissioning services from design through warranty expiration.

Community Planning
Placemaking is a master planning that integrates land use, housing, mobility, community identity, and economic development at the appropriate scale and location within a community.

Conservation Agencies
Throughout the Southeast, Pond has supported the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, and the National Park Service, federal conservation agencies that oversee vast natural resources within the United States. With complementary missions for preserving different …

Corrosion Control
Pond is an industry leader in the field of corrosion control and cathodic protection. our staff of NACE certified specialists, technologists and technicians provide stat-of-the-art cathodic protection assessments and designs for a wide variety of structures across

Designing for tomorrow’s students must support key aspects to 21st century learning. Collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving are important drivers requiring spaces that are both flexible and technology rich.

Environmental & Water Resource Services
Pond has extensive experience preparing environmental documents under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as well as similar state programs. Our staff has prepared Categorical Exclusions (CE/CX), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documents under NEPA and similar state regulations.

Facility Assessments
Pond has successfully assessed over 7,000 buildings, covering more than 100,000,000 square feet of space. Our full service team has the know how to readily identify building deficiencies in all aspects of design, including code compliance and energy efficiency.

Federal Planning
Effectively planning for military facilities demands a multi-tiered approach that looks not only at the short-range demands of mission requirements, but is visionary and adaptable for an efficient long-range plan for asset management.

Fire Protection Engineering
Fire Protection Engineers’ mission is to reduce the risk of fire to protect life and property. Our fire protection engineering staff consists of individuals who have received specialized education and training in the field of fire protection engineering, and have extensive…

We provide full-service planning, engineering, construction and management solutions for fuel storage and distribution systems at major international airports and DoD installations world wide.

Fueling Maintenance Repair Program
Pond performs recurring maintenance and minor repairs on fueling systems, including Marine Loading Arms. With our organic capability and a network of experienced subcontractors across the United States and overseas, we are positioned to provide worldwide support. Pond has …

Government Construction
Pond’s construction team builds trust and quality into every relationship.
As the complexity of a project increases, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by owner and contractor alike. For the owner, the experience, qualifications and early involvement of a contractor become critical predictors of success.

General Services Administration
Pond’s commitment to design excellence in architecture, interiors, engineering, and planning creates healthy, efficient, sustainable, and productive environments to support the important work of our U.S. government civil servants. Our integrated full life-cycle approach, from initial master planning through design, …

Our Geospatial Analysts, Developers and Managers have extensive backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering and Planning disciplines, as well as a firm understanding of the latest GIS technologies.

There are several building blocks to successful healthcare environments – the cornerstone of which are relationships between patients, family and caregivers.

Hospitality Design
Our Interior design team customize our services to meet each client’s unique needs. Interior environments are integral to a client’s identity and have a direct impact on the well-being of staff and guests.

At Pond, our industrial solutions team merges the science of engineering and architectural design with the precision of building construction to create a complete turn-key solution.

Inspection Services
Our experienced and licensed Engineers and Architects assists with inspections in accordance with Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.), Section 8-2-26 (g). Our team is ready to assist at any phase of your project. Pond is qualified to provide plan review and inspections for:  Buildings, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire | Life Safety, Fire Protection Engineering, Erosion Control, Environmental, and Civil Design.

Asset Integrity 
Highly trained API and STI inspectors don’t just identify problems, they find the cause and develop a solution.
Our teams are lead by certified engineers and technicians. Inspections are engineering based, we investigate, find the cause and provide our clients with a solution.

Interior Design
Just as the building exterior interacts with the natural surroundings and community, the built interior environment should invoke mood, inspire a group, or provide solace to focus.

Land Development
Successful land development is achieved through mutual collaboration. Pond’s dedicated planners, engineers, and architects and can create the right context that enhances quality of residential life and remain economically viable.

Landscape Architecture
A balanced solution integrates natural and built systems at the core of all projects, facilitating place making and creating landscapes that are memorable.

Maintenance and Repair
Pond performs recurring maintenance and minor repairs on fueling systems, including Marine Loading Arms. With our organic capability and a network of experienced subcontractors across the United States and overseas, we are positioned to provide worldwide support. Pond has …

Mechanical | Electrical | Plumbing Engineering
Pond has a robust collection of mechanical | electrical | plumbing engineering services to provide complete turn-key solutions for many different types of projects.

Public Architecture should reflect the history, context, culture, communities and the natural environment we live in. Public spaces are the social, intellectual and operational centers of our culture – and architecture, planning and interior design play a critical role in presenting our culture.

National Guard
Our Military Facilities Program achieves the highest level of project satisfaction by providing full-service planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and construction management solutions to the Army and Air National Guard.

Natural Disaster Recovery
Pond Stands ready to help get your operations back online! When a natural disaster occurs, we understand the critical need for immediate assessment, efficient planning, and rapid construction management to get your operations back online. Pond has…

Navy / Marines
Our Military Facilities Program achieves the highest level of project satisfaction by providing full-service planning, architecture, engineering, construction and construction management solutions to the U.S. Navy. Our highly-trained and specialized professionals bring vast experience delivering new design, major renovation, adaptive-reuse…

NEPA Services
Pond has extensive experience preparing environmental documents under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) as well as similar state programs. Our staff has prepared Categorical Exclusions (CE/CX), Environmental Assessments (EA), and environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documents under NEPA and similar state regulations.

Oil and Gas Engineering
Our highly trained engineers excel in concept design, detailed engineering, construction management and asset protection. We take pride in delivering quality, value, and service to our Oil & Gas clients. We are industry-recognized experts in every aspect of terminals, facilities and pipelines.

Oil and Gas Compliance
Providing compliance and design solutions to customers in the most demanding physical and regulatory environments.
By anticipating potential regulatory issues and developing solutions…

Parks & Recreation
Park design creates harmonious environments where people can recreate and enjoy the natural surroundings.
Pond’s Landscape Architecture group creates award-winning, sensible solutions…

We are responsive to each client’s budget, developing exceptional FF&E options within their resources. Whether provided as a stand-alone service or as part of overall Interior Design services, Pond manages the procurement process so our clients don’t have to. We …

Public Safety
Our Public Safety Facilities group brings relevant knowledge leadership, carefully guiding community stakeholders to responsible decision making. Pond brings project experience in the design of public safety facilities including police, fire, emergency operations…

Roads & Bridges
We plan and design roadways and bridges that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are safe, functional, and economical. With a focus on safety and the environment, Pond helps create a better transportation experience where people can move efficiently.

Structural Engineering
Pond’s Structural Engineering team is committed to designing safe and innovative structures for our clients’ needs. The structural group works in collaboration with our architects, engineers and interior design professionals to design structural systems that work in harmony with the …

Sustainable Design
Comprised of professional landscape architects and planners, our team is passionate about the environment through creating spaces that intrinsically enhance quality of life today and for future generations.

Traffic Engineering / Transportation Planning
With focus on safety, mobility and the environment, we gather, analyze and interpret data to create transportation solutions for people to move efficiently within the community.

Trails & Greenways
Pond’s environmentally sensitive approach integrates people, technology, and ecologic systems to create greenways and trail projects that are healthy for the users and aesthetically pleasing.

Transit Architecture
Superior transit facilities offer an opportunity for a city or region to generate revenue and positively influence the daily lives of people by providing an exceptional transportation experience.

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