Emerald Trail
Pond designed the first 'model' mile of a 30-mile trail network to connect 14 historic neighborhoods to downtown and the North and Southbank riverwalks in Jacksonville, Florida. The trail provides connectivity throughout Downtown Jacksonville, including, linear parks, festival spaces, pocket parks, gateways into distinct neighborhoods, and plazas. Pond worked closely with the City of Jacksonville and Groundwork Jacksonville. Pond and Groundwork Jacksonville worked hand in hand with private business owners along the corridors to incorporate the trail into redevelopment efforts and provide continuity and connections. Our firm worked with local historians to ensure that the rich cultural history of the neighborhoods is reflected in the trail and amenity design. Pond designed the first mile of the trail, called the LaVilla Link, on an accelerated schedule. Pond completed 60% designs for Segment 2 which includes a cycle track and pedestrian improvements along Hogan Street in Downtown from the St. Johns River to Hogans Creek, north of the FSCJ Downtown Campus; these plans were then transferred to a design-build process for implementation.
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Jacksonville, FL
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