CR 18 Trail
Pond was selected by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to repurpose an abandoned rail bed into a 12-foot-wide paved path, catering to both pedestrians and bicyclists. The FDOT District 2 CR 18 Trail is a 'Rails-to-Trails' project located in Hampton, Florida. Comprising three distinct segments totaling approximately six miles, these sections integrate seamlessly into the Palatka-to-Lake Butler Trail network. Enhancements included signage and pavement upgrades, 15+ trail crossings at driveways and side streets, lighting and drainage enhancements, as well as the installation of a pedestrian hybrid beacon signal at SR 100. Critical infrastructure improvements included replacing a concrete box culvert and an outdated timber railroad bridge with a modern 95-foot pedestrian bridge. This bridge installation notably enhanced connectivity to the existing trail, rendering previously inaccessible segments traversable. Furthermore, these segments extend the trail's paved section, fostering greater accessibility between the City of Hampton and the broader trail network. Execution of the CR 18 trail necessitated extensive internal coordination across disciplines and external collaboration with both the FDOT and the maintaining agency (FDEP) over nearly a decade. Pond commenced preliminary design work on this project in 2014. Construction funding became available for this project in 2021 and achieved completion in 2023.
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