Horizon South Parkway (SR 388)
Pond was selected to make improvements to SR 388, a two-lane rural roadway in Columbia County that links the City of Grovetown to I-20. The corridor, emblematic of the region's rapid growth, is projected to witness traffic exceeding 35,000 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) by 2041—a staggering surge of nearly 1,000% since 1990. The envisioned improvements encompass the expansion to four lanes, featuring a 20-foot raised median and the integration of multi-use trails. The distinctive nature of this corridor is underscored by its diverse user base. Serving as a major industrial hub, the Horizon South roadway at John Deere Parkway experiences a continuous influx of traffic, including slow-moving trucks, disrupting the flow of vehicles. Close to the interstate, this segment is identified as the Columbia County Gateway Activity Center in alignment with the Columbia County Vision 2035, comprising commercial establishments, residential areas, county complexes, and a proposed hospital. Existing residential sections coexist with proposed neighborhoods, and Augusta Technical College is situated along Horizon South. As a key entry point to the City of Grovetown, the project incorporates a welcoming sign as part of the proposed plans. The traffic plan meticulously addresses these complexities, presenting various options to the county and stakeholders. The chosen design aligns with the project's goal of maximizing benefits for all users, involving the realignment of access to a single-point intersection, replacement of two 'T' intersections with new turn lanes, intersection enhancements, and installation of new traffic signals. The integration of landscaping and lighting design assumes critical importance due to the anticipated high volume of vehicular traffic, transforming the corridor into a hub for shopping, residences, and employment. Navigating the existing creek crossing with a culvert necessitated an extension, with stormwater management becoming a focal point. Given its location within a Georgia MS4 area and its designation as a state route, meticulous coordination is imperative, especially considering the presence of a Regional Stormwater Management Basin along the corridor. This project was funded and overseen by the Georgia Department of Transportation TIA (Transportation Investment Act) office. In executing this project, Pond leveraged its relevant experience, adhering to GDOT-specific processes, manuals, and guidance. The GDOT Design Policy Manual and TIA Manual served as primary references, with Plan Development Processes streamlined as per TIA Manual guidelines. While the engineering design guidelines (EDG) and plan production guidelines (PPG) informed the project's initiation, their review was tailored to align with the project's funding structure. The project meticulously adhered to standards set by the MUTCD, AASHTO Green Book, and Roadside Design Guides.
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