US 278/SR 6 Corridor Scoping Study
Pond conducted a scoping study for Paulding County concerning US 278/SR 6, a critical transportation artery essential for long-distance travel and facilitating access to residential and commercial areas. The primary objectives were to enhance mobility, improve safety, and provide better pedestrian access along the study area. The study encompassed several critical analyses: 1. Crash Data Analysis: Identifying high-risk locations along the corridor. 2. Roadway Safety Audit: Conducted at ten intersections to assess safety measures. 3. Traffic Forecasting: Evaluating existing and future land use, historical growth trends, and ARC Travel Demand Model data. 4. Capacity Analysis: Comparing existing conditions with projected scenarios. 5. Public Engagement: Both in-person and online methods were used to gather feedback. 6. Alternative Assessment: Considered options such as widening the roadway, implementing access management improvements (e.g., RCUT or Right-In/Right-Out configurations), and exploring parallel alternative routes. Upon selecting a preferred alternative, Pond developed typical sections, conceptual designs for major intersections, and cost estimates. The study also included a concept design layout, a GDOT Style Concept Report, and cost projections. Key highlights of the study included a comprehensive safety review, including a focused audit of the top ten crash locations. Extensive online engagement efforts, featuring an interactive comment map through Social Pinpoint, facilitated public input and transparency throughout the planning process. By employing rigorous analysis and extensive community involvement, Pond aimed to provide Paulding County with informed recommendations to enhance transportation infrastructure and safety along US 278/SR 6.
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Paulding County Department of Transportation
Paulding County, GA
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