Gwinnett County Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Pond is the lead consultant preparing the Gwinnett County 2050 CTP, “Destination 2050.” This plan provides a new direction for Gwinnett County transportation with a focus on multimodal transportation solutions, system efficiency through innovative design and technology, providing equity in transportation, and support of transit through last-mile connectivity. Pond participated in the previous 2021 CTP. The plan incorporates a multimodal approach to the identification of needs and the development of all improvements. It included coordination with the parallel Transit Development Plan through joint activities and bi-weekly meetings. The project also included coordination with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s planning efforts along I-85 and SR 316, ongoing planning by Gwinnett’s Community Improvement Districts, and the Gwinnett Unified Plan update. The plan includes detailed corridor studies along ten representative corridors, to provide multimodal recommendations that can be translated to similar corridors. The study featured extensive use of GIS for planning decision-making, including analysis of bicycle and pedestrian needs that considered demand, attractions/destinations, and roadway characteristics. Route-based analysis of roadway characteristics was combined with travel demand model data to predict potential future bottlenecks so they can be addressed before becoming congestion hot spots. Project prioritization emphasizes transit connectivity to provide benefits to FHWA-Justice 40 designated disadvantaged communities. An extensive public outreach program was employed including reaching people where they are through 24 pop-up events and 2 stakeholders open houses, joint public outreach with Transit Development Plan including two rounds of joint public meetings, and use of a “Social Pinpoint tool” for map-based interactive outreach.
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