Effingham County Transportation Master Plan
Pond worked with Effingham County to Develop a transportation master plan, evaluating existing and future transportation needs throughout the county and developing recommendations to meet these needs. The intersections of Hodgeville Road at Goshen Road and Hodgeville Road at Kolic Helmey Road were evaluated as part of this process. Both locations currently operate under minor stop-street control. Traffic demand for the plan year 2045 was determined by developing COVID-19 adjustment and growth factors and applying them to collected traffic count data. These factors were calculated utilizing historical count data and the regional travel demand model. Capacity analysis was performed using Synchro software to evaluate potential alternatives. Traffic signal and roundabout alternatives were analyzed as the intersection traffic volumes were too high for stop-controlled conditions to meet demand. Considering operational performance, crash risk, cost, and impacts, each location selected the roundabout as the recommendation. Conceptual designs were completed for each of these alternatives (including geometric improvements for the turn lane improvements and the roundabout options), as well as ROW and utility costs. The projects were prioritized in the plan with consideration of safety and operational benefit, cost, and public engagement results. In addition to holding public meetings, social pinpointing was used to collect and evaluate the opinions of the public. This process was documented in the transportation master plan document.
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Effingham County
Effingham County, GA
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