Webb Bridge Road from North Point Parkway to Big Creek Greenway
Pond prepared concept development for the 5-mile Webb Bridge Road/Academy Street Corridor from SR 9 to SR 120. Pond then led multiple design phases of this project. Phase 3 consists of the bridge replacement over Big Creek and bike and pedestrian improvements from North Point Parkway to the Big Creek Greenway. This new bridge will have improved hydraulics and provide multi-modal access across Big Creek and access to the Big Creek Greenway trail system. The construction of the new bridge will be on an offset alignment and completed with phased construction of the new bridge. It will not require disruption or detouring of the traffic along the existing alignment. During design, an existing scour hole was identified immediately downstream of the end bent at a slight bend in the creek. To prevent future maintenance issues and mitigate placing fill in the floodplain, we utilized a wood toe along the original stream channel to backfill the score hole and stabilize the streambank.
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Alpharetta, GA
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