Commissioning is a systematic process to measure and verify that new or modified systems perform according to the owner’s project requirements. This further confirms those systems satisfy the design and operation requirements. Pond's clients rely upon us when they have new assets that must be commissioned in accordance with their strict processes. Our qualified commissioning professionals establish the project commissioning plan and lead our commissioning team to confirm systems are installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained under the owner's project requirements and their design and manufacturer’s requirements. Our commissioning agents establish the protocols to be used during startup, functional performance testing, and commissioning.  We provide communication, coordination, documentation, adjustment, testing, and verification with activities beginning during the preliminary planning phase and continuing through design, construction, and after operations and occupation. We specialize in commissioning complex projects in the industrial, chemical, life science, medical device, energy, and manufacturing industries that demand a specialized focus on maintainability, reliability, and energy performance. Commissioning activity in an operating facility requires thorough planning and execution, where we identify and address potential issues early on, minimizing potential downtime and optimizing operational performance. Pond's commissioning services provide the platform to achieve peak performance from day one.
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