Confidential Medical Manufacturer Air Emissions Projects
One of the largest global medical technology companies entrusted Pond with providing solutions to improve air emissions at five of their US facilities. These locations provide critical services for medical instruments, which are essential in today’s health crisis.

In three of the locations in the eastern US, new emission control systems were designed and constructed on short overlapping schedules by Pond’s professional architects, engineers, and construction management. Pond provided the addition of pollution control devices used in the finishing phase of the manufacturing process. The design and construction included an emission capture system composed of hoods, ducts, and off-gas emission capture rooms. Custom air extraction systems overcome more 7+ inches of water column to process emissions through a chemical reactant dry bed filter for destruction in accordance with EPA-regulated emissions.

Pond provided turnkey, all in-house services, including civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, process, instrumentation & controls, fire protection, architecture, preconstruction, cost estimating, procurement management, and construction management. Pond was engaged in the process hazards analysis - HAZOP, the startup of the systems, and aided the client during the onsite EPA testing phase. The team met a tight deadline to have an emission control system designed, installed, and functionally tested to meet the EPA’s directive without disrupting business operations.

We provided enhancements to emission capture systems and overall destruction efficiency with the design and installation of catalytic oxidizers and dry bed abatement systems. The design and installation required significant structural changes and facility additions where the electrical equipment, additional air control equipment, and a network of large industrial ducts and motors operate. Our construction professionals achieved implementation of the work with zero safety incidents, no unplanned business interruption, and cost savings to the owner.

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