Pond's comprehensive engineering services deliver the design, optimization, and management of advanced manufacturing facilities. We provide process flow diagrams that can be readily advanced into piping and instrumentation diagrams. Our in-house team of process engineers will then develop functional design specifications that document the operation of the process. The project can be advanced with great confidence once the major equipment has been identified and matched with the corresponding utility loads. Our process equipment specialist successfully streamlines equipment procurement by assembling bid packages on behalf of the client to secure the earliest possible equipment deliveries that achieve the manufacturing requirements. Our in-house architects collaborate with our process engineers to identify the ideal footprint and support spaces that enhance and streamline the clients’ operations. The collaboration of civil, architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical, process, instrument and controls, material handling, and fire protection engineers deliver detailed designs ready for successful permitting, construction, and operations. This comprehensive approach includes feasibility studies, conceptual design, detailed engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, and procurement support that provide a seamless project execution from inception to completion. We collaborate closely with clients to understand unique requirements and deliver customized solutions. Pond prioritizes efficiency, scalability, and safety in designs to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers across various industries. From automotive and boat, resins and plastics, nonwovens, and appliances, to electronics manufacturing facilities, Pond is shaping the future of manufacturing through innovative engineering.

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