Chemical Process Tank Line
Ponds architecture, engineering, and construction management professionals provided design phase reviews, final plans, specifications, and cost estimates for long-lead procurement packages and installation of a new chemical process tank line for Lockheed Martin. Repurposing a tank line from Fort Worth, Texas, Pond’s engineers reconfigured the line to meet the process and layout requirements for use in the Marietta, Georgia, facility. Additionally, the Pond team determined the type of exhaust capture and discharge system that works in tandem with a makeup air system to safely exhaust the chemical tank's vapors. An evaporative water-cooling tower coupled to a refrigerant cycle water chiller provides the process line's heat rejection needs. The general arrangement plan allows for walkways through the chemical process tank lines while accommodating the available space in the existing manufacturing building. The final installed process chemical tank line consisted of 31 tanks and dryers, vent hoods, rinse collection units, heat exchangers, rectifiers, miscellaneous pumps, sump pumps, automation panels, safety showers, piping, duct, instrumentation, fans, and low-pressure blowers. Our construction management team accomplished the critical milestone for the containment pit home to the tank line and crane system. The pit's mat slab foundation was a continuous pour of over 400 cubic yards of reinforced concrete provided with a trench drain system. Pre-construction planning allowed for a well-orchestrated execution of 15 personnel managing the boom truck with hose attachments and a laser screed to place the concrete without interruption or safety incidents.
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