Site Supervision
Pond has experienced construction safety personnel who serve in the role of a Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO). We align with your health and safety protocols, as an extension of your health and safety management (HSE). By prioritizing health and safety management we promote the well-being of workers and the integrity of your operations and construction sites. Through regular inspections and audits, we enforce adherence to safety regulations and promote a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. After identifying hazards, we implement health and safety controls designed to eliminate hazards at the onset in our project-specific health and safety plans (HASP) and accident prevention plans (APP). We maintain site training on the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment for all site participants. The planning, risk assessments, and compliance monitoring; foster a safe work environment and strive to prevent accidents. Many of Pond’s projects are undertaken in our clients’ operating facilities, where the work will occur in highly staffed operations amongst millions of dollars' worth of products and equipment. Pond’s full-time site supervision coordinates the vendors and trades with the client’s operations managers to protect against security breaches, business interruption, and damage to equipment or products by the trades. With hundreds of trades arriving onsite and a multitude of facility employees too, it is essential to have a detailed site safety and daily safety action plan to keep everyone safe. We provide continuous supervision during the performance of onsite work. Our site supervisors and site safety officers lead by active management of all subcontractors, site logistics, site reporting, cost controls, and schedules to provide our clients the assurances that people and assets are safe and that the trade work is coordinated, inspected, and fully implemented in accordance with the project requirements.
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