Corrosion Control Services, City of Charlottesville
Pond provided corrosion engineering support, annual survey, cathodic protection evaluation, data analysis, telluric current analysis, cathodic protection design, stray current investigation (static and dynamic), cathodic protection installation, and construction inspection for this program. This three-year program consisted of providing engineering and construction services for the entire natural gas pipeline system in the City of Charlottesville, including distribution and transmission piping systems. Pond also provided integrity assessment services on soil-to-air risers including safe working pressure calculations. For this program, Pond provided services to meet applicable compliance-related deadlines. Pond provided in-house cathodic protection using NACE-certified corrosion engineers. The project team consisted of a cathodic protection specialist (CP4), an NACE corrosion specialist, a coating specialist, an NACE corrosion technologist, and NACE corrosion technicians. The cathodic protection designs for these projects included field survey, data analysis, galvanic and impressed current system design, and commissioning survey. Pond functioned as the main corrosion control consultant for these projects and was contracted to perform corrosion control services with our in-house staff for each project.
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City of Charlottesville
Charlottesville, Virginia
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