Alliance Program
Since 2010, Pond has been a valued Alliance Contract partner with Boardwalk, playing a crucial role in supporting Boardwalk’s corrosion control and pipeline integrity programs. Pond has completed projects on both new and existing pipelines and/or facilities. Projects have included: induced AC mitigation evaluation and design, Cathodic Protection (CP) design, third-party data review, CP annual surveys, alternating current and direct current interference testing, indirect pipeline surveys (CIS/DCVG/ACVG/cell-to-cell), bell hole integrity inspections, coating inspections, and mechanical integrity program development/inspection services throughout Boardwalk's various storage and distribution systems. Overall, Pond's partnership with Boardwalk has been characterized by its commitment to excellence, timely delivery, and effective communication, making Pond a valuable asset in supporting Boardwalk's corrosion control and pipeline integrity initiatives.
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Boardwalk Pipelines
Various Locations, Texas
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