ECDA West Texas Lonestar Lateral
Pond was retained by Targa Resources to perform a baseline external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) on the Sendero - Lonestar Lateral, segment GPX-A2, consisting of 527 feet of 12-inch natural gas liquids (NGL) transmission pipeline located in Reeves County, Texas. ECDA is a four-step process conducted to assess the integrity of a pipeline, primarily where external corrosion has been determined to be a primary threat. The four-step ECDA process includes pre-assessment, indirect inspection, direct examination, and post-assessment. Pond performed close interval surveying (CIS), alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG) surveying, and direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) surveying as the desired indirect survey techniques. Pond performed direct examinations at four dig locations. Upon excavation, all exposed piping segments exhibited minimal to no coating deterioration and no external metal loss. All locations were inspected for damage mechanisms, coating quality, re-coated, and backfilled. Challenges included a tight schedule, coordination with multiple client stakeholders, and crowded nearby easements.
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Targa Resources
Reeves County, Texas
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