Recurring Maintenance & Minor Repair Task Order
Pond was awarded 11 task order contracts and is actively providing quarterly maintenance, semi-annual maintenance, annual maintenance, and minor repairs at over 200 government facilities. Pond provides program management for performance-based maintenance, inspections, repairs, emergency response actions, and construction services for various military facilities and installations. The program includes responding to deficiencies in the Real Property Inventory for each location. Key components of this program include periodic preventative maintenance, a focus on performance-driven schedule evaluations, condition and repair documentation by officers, minor repairs and replacements, an expedited service order process, and developing an emergency response system, which includes a 24-hour “Hot Line”. Pond makes extensive program management and quality control efforts to stay on track. The leadership team manages 14 primary subcontractors located in Japan, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Spain, and across the United States. Over 3,000 Service Orders have been released in less than 24 months, and in the same period, over 1,000 recurring maintenance events were performed, each one coordinated with installation stakeholders and the client. Pond’s proprietary, web-based geo-database, Maintenance and Repair System (MARS), manages the facility information, reports relevant real-time data, and provides service order history. It allows the client to see the status of any task as well as gain access to site reports, photographs, and records. The interface is a web-based tool that can be searched in a variety of methods allowing the government to access the site information from their offices. MARS is customizable to various contracts, allowing for a more detailed program report.
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