Recurring Maintenance & Repairs

Pond’s team of RMMR professionals brings a combined 300 years of specialized fuel system operations, maintenance, and repair experience. This comprehensive experience includes operation, maintenance, and repair of all DoD standard and nonstandard design, fixed, mobile, and commercial fuel systems, marine loading arms, and related subsystems. Having successfully executed 40 different RMMR contracts spanning 286 locations worldwide, Pond has completed thousands of repairs to virtually every possible component of a fueling system. We have completed over 13,000 service orders totaling over 25,000 repairs. With this experience and unmatched expertise, Pond’s RMMR team not only provides routine maintenance and minor repairs, but inspection, testing, quality control and life cycle management capabilities supporting the client with comprehensive and scalable turn-key solutions from basic inspection and repairs to complex troubleshooting and large-scale repair projects.

Our experienced RMMR team is supported by a network of pre-approved companies that cover a variety of capabilities and expertise. Where additional expertise is needed, Pond will solicit proposals from qualified contractors to provide the best value. Each subcontractor is thoroughly vetted and must have documented relevant experience, qualifications, quality control procedures and safety plans to be considered for the program. In recent years, over fifty subcontractors have supported Pond and the RMMR program.

Types of Repairs
The repairs completed to date range from simple hose and nozzle replacements on ground fuel dispensers to calibration of control valves, PLC systems, piping replacements, and large-scale defuel and closure requirements. The smaller repairs can include simple component replacements performed during a scheduled quarterly visit to larger coating projects. The average service order value is $10,000, but can go as high as $4 million.


  • Repairs, Replacement & Construction Services
  • Schedules, Preventative Maintenance & Inspections
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Coating Assessments
  • Coating Applications
  • Tank Repairs
  • Pipeline Repairs
  • Engineering Services
  • Valve replacement and repair
  • Fuel System assessment, troubleshooting and tuning

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