Warehouse Optimization Study
Pond has industry-diverse clients who turn to our team of professionals for design solutions for their warehouse operations so they can fully understand the efficiency of their processes. Pond was engaged by Cresa, MDSi’s commercial real estate consultant, to provide an optimization study with warehouse concepts for MDSi’s newest technology, supply chain management facility. Pond delivered MDsi with analysis and research on automation and the technology that creates more process options. The Pond team analyzed factors such as volume, pallet configuration, size, pallet type and condition, stretch wrapping, speed constraints, hazardous areas, environmental conditions, materials of construction, accessibility, reliability, and capital and operating costs. Following the programming phase, Pond developed three concepts: traditional racking, highly efficient, narrow aisle, and an automated storage and retrieval system. Corresponding fire protection and structural services paralleled the needs of each concept. MDSi has diverse storage needs, including retrieval for electronic lab functions and returning to storage. MDSi received a detailed optimization study report from Pond, which revealed the ideal solution for year one to year ten needs and allows for a clear measurement of MDSi’s investment.
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Alpharetta, GA
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