Comprehensive/Master Planning
Pond specializes in providing comprehensive planning services that take a systematic and integrated approach to local and regional development. Our goal is to support decision-making by analyzing a wide range of factors and considerations in each community. We strategically design our planning process to guide the growth, development, and sustainability of a community, region, or organization. We go beyond addressing immediate issues and take a holistic view to long-term success for our clients and their communities. Our team has experience in comprehensive planning, including land use, transportation, housing, infrastructure, sustainability, and resiliency planning. Economic development is often central to our plans, and we make sure that every plan is driven by the community for which it is being prepared. We engage in robust community outreach so that our plans are truly guided by the residents and constituents of the communities in which we work. Our solutions prioritize smart growth, equity, and environmental stewardship, fostering vibrant places for people to live, work, and play. Whether it's urban revitalization, campus expansion, or regional development, Pond's expertise helps clients realize their vision and achieve sustainable outcomes that endure for generations.
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