Andersen Air Force Base & Northwest Field Development Plans
As part of the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Agile Combat Employment (ACE) initiative, Pond completed Airfield District Development Plans (DDPs) for Northwest Field in Guam and North Field at Tinian Island, CMI. ACE is an operational concept that supports joint all-domain operations. Joint force operations are increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and challenged. Anti-access and area denial threats, reduced freedom of maneuver, and rapid proliferation of advanced technologies challenge the Air Force’s ability to operate. The successful employment of ACE positions the force to observe, orient, decide, and act in concert across all domains. In support of this doctrine, DDPs were created to aid in upgrading the capabilities of two former World War II airbases. The plans are focused on an operationally phased approach, allowing for increased capability during each phase. The team worked closely with stakeholders from the Air Force, Navy, Army, Space Force, Marine Corps, and local governments to de-conflict several plans and ensure an executable planning document.
Project Photos
Agile Combat Employment Program Management Office
North Field and Northwest Field, Tinian and Guam
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