Reconstitute Defenders Initiative Strategic Master Plan - Joint Base San Antonio
The Reconstitute Defenders Initiative was a comprehensive planning approach to transforming the Security Forces Academy (The largest enlisted USAF career field) to better sustain and train the 38,000 Airmen across 120 installations and to ensure there are sufficient facilities to complete their training mission. Working closely with users over several on-site visits allowed for an in-depth understanding of the nature of their training operations and provided the USAF with a long-term, executable implementation program. The proposed plan was developed from an analysis of the current conditions, space utilization of assigned units, existing facility condition, and input from stakeholders during site visits and the planning workshop. Creation of the proposed plan ensures that the RDI Strategic Master Plan aligns with the ADPs and with the visions of the various units and command, allowing for a cohesive approach to development. A sub-component of the RDI Master Plan was individual ADP/DDPs for all of the operating sites for the Security Forces Academy at Lackland AFB, Camp Bullis, and Chapman Annex. These plans represent the most extensive short-, mid-, and long-range plans possible for the installation. Using the data obtained from the Facility Utilization Study, Facility Condition Assessment, and workshop participants, the planning team was able to develop actual user requirements, a transition plan, and capital investment plan. The team was able to accurately reflect this information in the individual ADPs using high quality graphics. "Front Page" DD Forms 1391 were created for all of the MILCON actions.
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USACE Huntsville Center
San Antonio, Texas
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