RDU Fuel Facility Improvements
The project at the Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU) included two parts: the first was an assessment of the existing fuel system, and the second was the full design of recommendations made in the assessment. Pond was contracted by the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority to assess the existing airport fueling infrastructure which included a tank farm, hydrant pump system, electrical system, operations building, Type I Glycol system, Remote Truck Fillstand, cathodic protection systems, and a fleet fueling facility. Pond provided an on-site assessment with a team comprised of multiple disciplines to assess and inspect the fueling infrastructure. Pond provided a report with recommendations and cost estimates to be used for project planning. Pond is currently providing full design services for the recommendations made in the assessment report. This includes modifications to the hydrant pumping system, Type 1 Glycol System, Cathodic Protection System, electrical and controls systems, Remote Truck Fillstand, and the design of a new fleet fueling station. This design includes civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and cathodic protection design disciplines.
Project Photos
Raleigh Durham Airport Authority
Morrisville, North Carolina
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