O'Hare Tank Farm Improvements
Pond's scope of work included demolishing the existing airport tank farm infrastructure which includes all of the fuel farm's existing electrical distribution equipment. This excludes the operation tanks for the airport fuel farm. The new electrical distribution system includes two utility feeds and transformers, a main-tie-main (MTM) switchgear, two automatic transfer switches (ATSs), two backup diesel generators, and distribution switchboards. Each ATS will provide automatic power transfer and turn on the backup Diesel Generator associated with it to provide power to the airport tank farm if all utility power is lost. Each ATS connects to a distribution switchboard associated with either the east or west side of the airport tank farm. Each distribution switchboard supplies power to various Motor Control Centers (MCCs), site lighting, and various other electrical loads. The backup diesel generator enclosures are rated outdoors to allow the generator to be protected from the elements and painted per airport specifications. Each generator is equipped with a UL 142 subbase tank sized for 24-hour runtime.
Project Photos
ORD Fuel Company, LLC
Chicago, Illinois
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