Air Traffic Control Tower & TRACON Facility, Southwest Florida International Airport
In support of the Lee County Port Authority’s (LCPA) desire to relocate the airport traffic control tower (ATCT) and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), Pond provided facility assessment services at the existing facilities at Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. These services included an evaluation of existing site and building elements as well as interviews with facility personnel. From the information gathered, a final report was prepared detailing the findings and recommendations. The space adequacy efforts developed into a preliminary program for the new facility that works in conjunction with an FAA-prepared AFTIL Siting Study which allowed LCPA to start the development of the replacement facility. Pond worked with LCPA in development of projected costs and provided documentation in support of LCPA’s funding requirements. The funding processes include the FAA process for PFC funding as well as Florida’s DOT process for a state grant. Pond then developed concepts for the new facility based on results of the Assessment Report, and Pond’s knowledge of FAA standards, criteria, life safety and space requirements and adjacencies. Pond developed a series of mass models used to generate multiple renderings of tower/base building designs. Pond, in collaboration with the LCPA design staff, added architectural features and backgrounds to fit the current architectural theme of the airport. In concurrence with the Airport’s Executive Director, a final photorealistic rendering was developed for the airport to use in gaining Lee County Commission approvals for the program. Pond provided full design services for the construction of the new $24 million ATCT and TRACON facility at RSW. This included architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, communications and fire protection engineering. The ATCT will be approximately 205 feet above grade and will have an associated 15,500-square-foot TRACON. The structure of the ATCT and TRACON was designed to resist the prescribed blast load at the required stand-off distance from the facility. For the electrical scope, Pond engineers realigned the control tower communication circuits and airfield lighting circuits and communication circuits to the new tower location. The new ATCT and TRACON are being constructed adjacent to the existing, recently constructed Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting facility. After the new ATCT and TRACON are constructed, an approved 16-month switch-over period (or commissioning) will take place. To provide the new facility with communications, an airfield cabling package will be provided that will illustrate how the new ATCT cabling will splice into the existing airport loop feeding the current ATCT.
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Lee County Port Authority
Fort Myers, FL
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