B-21 Raider Fuel Cell Maintenance Hangar
Pond, in a joint venture, designed a single-bay fuel cell hangar to support the periodic maintenance of the new B-21 Raider strategic bomber weapons system. The facility encompasses a fuel cell bay, shops, a training room, administrative areas, utility spaces, and more. Our design process involved thorough planning, adherence to federal design guidance, and close collaboration with key stakeholders. The team’s design extends beyond the physical structure, covering utility lines, airfield pavement, and stormwater management design. Our team demonstrated flexibility by refining the design based on emerging aircraft requirements. We engaged in value engineering studies and cost and schedule risk analyses, ensuring the built facility's long-term utility, cost-effectiveness, and resilience. Additionally, Pond's commitment to sustainability is evident in our focus on reducing energy and water consumption, incorporating sustainable materials, and conducting life cycle cost analyses. Our comprehensive approach extends to the integration of various systems, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, communications, and fire protection, aligning with industry standards and UFC criteria. We ensured compliance with DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings and coordinated construction phasing plans to accommodate ongoing base operations. Using advanced modeling tools, such as Revit BIM and CIM 3D, our team facilitated seamless coordination and clash detection among disciplines, ensuring a well-integrated design. Throughout the project, Pond implemented a rigorous quality control plan, incorporating industry best practices and adhering to DoD design criteria. Our team maintained open communication channels, tracked comments, and closed out issues through a systematic review process. The project's success lies not only in the physical structure's functionality but also in our commitment to sustainability, safety, and collaborative project management, positioning Pond as a reliable partner for future complex and mission-critical endeavors.
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