Ocean Reef Jet Fuel Tank
The Ocean Reef Club is a private resort and gated community in Key Largo, Florida. The resort had a private marina and airstrip that offers aircraft refueling to its members and users of the airstrip. Due to increased airfield activity, additional Jet Fuel storage and refueling infrastructure was required. Pond was hired to access the fuel demand requirements, make recommendations to expand the facility, and develop design drawings and specifications for permitting and contractor bidding. The new design included the addition of a new 15,000-gallon double wall UL 2085 Fire Rated Jet fuel tank, associated piping, gauging, and other equipment to provide a functioning system. The existing site was adapted to install a second tank in the space available while complying with fire safety codes and spill containment requirements. The site is only 1 foot above sea level and required that the tank and tank foundations be designed to withstand buoyancy uplift from flooding and impacts from hurricane force winds and debris. Pond provided a design that met these stringent requirements and guided the project though the local building department to receive all permits necessary to build.
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Ocean Reef Club
Key Largo, Florida
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