Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage
Pond’s team of experts provides carbon capture and underground storage (CCUS) design, procurement and permitting consulting services for pipeline, facility or turnkey projects both inside and outside the fence. For the linear side of the CCUS industry, our engineering team provides services including pipeline routing, pipe design and brittle fracture (crack arrestation) design, horizontal directional drilling, environmental permitting, cathodic protection, AC mitigation design, power, communication and controls, design for valve stations, pump stations, compression stations, pig launchers and receivers as well as junctions for multiple gathering points. Inside the fence at the collection point, Pond’s team provides procurement, vendor and process integration, process engineering, civil and structural design, facility architecture for building permits, industrial hygiene, instrumentation and controls as well as project management, project controls, land management, survey and field management and integrity and environmental inspections, testing, flow and startup procedures during construction for both linear and vertical aspects of any project. Pond’s team of experts has the ability and experience to deliver every aspect of CCS and CCUS projects right up to the injection site.
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