Lake Burton Fish Hatchery - Moccasin Creek State Park | GADNR

From our current on-call contract with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR), we were tasked to design a new diversion dam and intake structure for the Lake Burton Fish Hatchery at Moccasin Creek State Park.
Pond completed design, permitting, and construction administration for this important hydraulic structure replacement and streambank stabilization project. The project is located at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ (GADNR’s) Lake Burton Trout Hatchery on Lake Burton. The hatchery draws water from an existing dam and water intake structure located just upstream on Moccasin Creek. The dam and intake structure were aging and need of replacement. The new structure consisted of a coanda screen intake to provide for the hatchery’s water needs.
The project also included approximately 750 linear feet of natural channel design utilizing native bed materials from Moccasin Creek upstream and downstream from the new structure. Also, spawning areas for lake trout were provided for the downstream restoration.

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