TECO Route Study | 16″ Fernandina Lateral to Heckscher Drive Connector - Jacksonville, FL

TECO Peoples Gas (TECO) is evaluating the installation of a 16” pipeline connection between two existing natural gas transmission lines to improve operational flexibility and system resiliency. This new pipeline will commence near the intersection of Heckscher Drive and Eastport Road, and terminate near the intersection of Main Street and Pecan Park Road. TECO has requested Pond to conduct a formal study to evaluate route alternatives between these tie-in locations and develop a numerical ranking for each route alternative. The study will also consider the means and alternatives to minimize landowner impact and risk and will include elements required for potential property condemnation.

Key Elements: 
Develop preliminary route alternatives based on desktop evaluation. Evaluation of existing parcel lines, major environmental features, and major constructability concerns.
Review preliminary route alternatives with TECO project team. Consider TECO’s strategic objectives and growth in the area.
Field evaluation of route alternatives. Pond’s project team, including engineering, environmental, and a construction contractor representative, will visit the route alternatives to evaluate constructability, environmental challenges, safety, and engineering considerations.
Detailed analysis, report preparation, and mapping preparation. Pond will incorporate field evaluation and additional detailed desktop study information into a comprehensive report document with mapping appendices.
Detailed cost estimate (+/- 25%) development.

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