SR 42/Moreland Avenue Streetscapes - DeKalb County, GA

This project included conceptual layouts, reports, environmental screening, preliminary, and final construction plans for median landscape improvements along 2.2 miles of SR 42/Moreland Avenue in southeast Atlanta. The landscaping improvements included decorative trees and ground covering in the existing grass median.

The design incorporated use of decorative trees that met safety standards for both crash hazard and appropriate sight lanes and distances to allow safe and efficient movement of freight trucks in this heavily traveled freight corridor. The ground cover and low growing bushes and shrubs added to the aesthetic appeal and were placed to provide an inviting and safe environment for the area motorists. Both the trees and ground cover were specifically selected to be low maintenance, drought resistance, and appropriately hardy to thrive in the difficult growing environment that the median of a heavily traveled arterial roadway presents. The new landscaping greatly improved to aesthetics of the corridor and made for a more inviting location for motorists and business area owners. This TE funded project brightens and softens an otherwise nondescript roadway median.

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