The City of Roswell and the Child Development Association (CDA) recently celebrated the groundbreaking for the Grove Way and Bush Street Intersection Realignment project. Kevin Hendrix, a project manager with Pond, was in attendance, along with representatives from the City of Roswell, CDA and the community. Pond was contracted with the CDA in a partnership with the City of Roswell to complete the design and permitting of this project.

The intersection of Bush Street and Grove Way is currently located on a steep, sharp hill that limits available sight lines and causes public safety issues. This project will vertically realign the intersection by cutting the peak elevation of the hill by seven to eight feet and introducing a much more gradual vertical curve in the roadways, which will greatly improve sight lines and safety for vehicular traffic. In addition, each roadway will be widened and sidewalks added, further improving conditions for both cars and pedestrians. Also as part of the project, utilities will be relocated and upgraded, stormwater management practices will be constructed, and landscape enhancements will be added.

Phase 2 of this project will include site improvements on the CDA property adjacent to this intersection, including terracing the steep parking area into flatter parking bays, traffic flow and pedestrian improvements, adding permeable pavers, stormwater management and utility upgrades and extensive landscaping. Pond worked closely with the CDA to complete a design that will help improve the safety and welfare of the children, can be constructed in a phased approach while the building remains open, and is worthy of the CDA’s mission. The CDA is currently fundraising for this portion of the project—to donate or learn more, click here.

The Child Development Association (CDA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable the preschool children of low-income working families in our community to make a great start toward a bright future. To support this mission, the CDA provides affordable early learning programs and childcare for preschool children in the metro Atlanta area with programs designed to prepare children for success in education and life. The CDA is a vibrant organization that has provided outstanding service to low-income, hard-working families and their young children for more than 45 years. The CDA depends on donations of time and money in order to complete its mission and run its day-to-day activities. Pond continues to support the CDA, including sponsorship of the upcoming Down Home Derby fundraising event.

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