Strom Thurmond Federal Building Restroom Modernization - Columbia, SC

GSA commissioned Pond to upgrade and modernize the public restroom facilities on 14 floors in order to meet ADAAG requirements.

With a $2.2 million budget, Pond developed five (5) prototypical designs for the 4,488 sq. Ft. facilities including basement staff toilets; first floor childcare toilets; first floor public toilets; second floor public toilets; and typical toilets (floors 3-15). The plans included 8 children’s toilets, 27 urinals and 87 toilets.

Pond carefully measured and documented existing conditions in each restroom, adapting the prototypical designs as necessary to address deviations from the prototype. Pond met all necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements to accommodate the upgrades.

Upgrades included demolition of existing toilet partitions and replacement with new solid phenolic partitions, as well as new solid surface sinks.

Automated motion detection sensors on were installed on faucets, flush mechanisms, fans, hand towel dispensers and lighting.

New accessories include door hooks, toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, feminine sanitary product dispensers and disposals, in-wall waste containers and mirrors.


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