Matthew J. Perry, Jr. Federal Courthouse - Multiple Projects


Since 2007, Pond has provided design services designed to improve security, functionality and long-term viability of the Matthew J. Perry United States Courthouse.

Exterior Parking Security Upgrades
Because existing parking lot gate did not meet security requirements – closing too slowly after vehicle entry, which could allow a security breach – GSA tasked Pond with improving security functions. Pond’s design upgraded the gate and controls to ensure gate closure within 10 seconds of vehicle clearance. The design considered public rightof- way encroachment and existing utilities.

Lobby Security Upgrades
GSA requested upgrades to the existing security screening system in the Matthew J. Perry United States Courthouse lobby to alleviate operational weaknesses in the system. Design objectives were:
• Maximize US Marshal Service’s visual control of the
main entrance
• Prevent the public from meandering and avoiding
security screening
• Provide secure weapons storage before security
• Increase protective measures for the CSO Station

Pond’s design achieved all objectives through use of a centralized CSO Station with bullet-resistant glazing, defined spaces for entry and exit, and an access-limited storage area with secure weapons lockers. Pond provided 3D line drawings to help the client review the design and test potential weaknesses. The circular CSO station design reflected the domed ceiling, and use of matching finishes and coordinated wood millwork helped the new security station to blend with the existing building aesthetics. Pond collaborated with end-user stakeholders – including US Marshal Service, US District Courts, GSA facilities personnel – to establish requirements for current and anticipated security screening needs. We developed a phased implementation plan which allowed uninterrupted security screening operations during construction.

Water Intrusion Investigation & Remediation Design
GSA engaged Pond to undertake destructive testing to analyze the source(s) of water intrusion and develop comprehensive solutions for remediation. The study found significant problems with the original installation, including improperly installed internal drainage systems and flashings, and glazing sealant breakdown due to a blast protection retrofit. Pond analyzed the available construction budget and verified that it was insufficient to replace all failing windows; therefore, Pond’s report created a hierarchy of repairs: 56 “Priority 1” windows were included in the base construction bid, with 95 “Priority 2” windows and additional façade repairs included as alternates. The Priority 1 units will be removed, glazing units repaired, and window flashings and drainage systems installed properly prior to window reinstallation.

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