Fire Pump and Sprinkler Systems - Anderson, SC

The objective of this GSA design/build task order at the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Federal Building and Courthouse is to design and install a new fire pump system, fire sprinkler system and fire alarm system with a back-up generator in an historically significant, 3-story (plus basement) Federal building and courthouse. The project poses significant design challenges:

  • Concealing components of fire sprinkler system – Both plaster and suspended ceilings make concealment of components problematic: In the courtroom, which has an exposed plaster ceiling, design solutions include coring through the ceiling to run pipes above, or concealing the components in soffits. Most spaces have a suspended acoustical ceiling, hung approximately 8 inches below a plaster ceiling, leaving minimal room for sprinkler components. The contactor plans selected demolition of the original plaster ceilings to determine if the space above can be utilized. The suspending ceiling will be replaced.
  • Creation of new pump room – Fire code requires a 1-hour rated enclosure with exterior entrance around the fire pump. The original solution relocated an alternate jury room and converted a window to a door to provide the exterior entrance; however, the historic nature of the building made this solution problematic. GSA Fire Code Specialists reviewed the design and exempted the project from the door requirement.
  • Asbestos – The building is known to contain asbestos in gypsum ceilings, pipe insulation and floor mastic.The Judge is concerned about other areas of possible, unidentified asbestos; therefore, the contractor will have a complete asbestos survey performed and abatement performed in those areas where new work is to occur.
  • Security – No design or construction personnel are allowed in the Judge’s Chambers – which form a significant portion of the building – without escort and GSA staff supervision.All construction personnel will have to pass stringent background checks before being allowed to work on the project.

Occupancy – The building will continue operations throughout construction. The Judge has requested that all construction work occur after hours, with all construction areas cleaned before personnel arrive in the morning.

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