Riverdale Transportation Design Standards & Traffic Signalization - Riverdale, GA

This project includes roadway, traffic and streetscape designs for the City of Riverdale along S.R. 85 and connecting to the newly established Riverdale Community Center. The proposed streetscape improvements included sidewalks, landscaping and hardscaping along S.R. 85 for approximately 1.5 miles.

These streetscape improvements were coordinated with existing bus routes and bus stops along S.R. 85. The roadway improvements included a 0.25 mile new location roadway connecting S.R. 85 and Church Street. The new roadway required a shift in an existing median opening along S.R.85. Also included in this project were multiple, signalized mid-block crossings along S.R. 85 as well as accommodations for a proposed traffic signal at the entrance to the new Riverdale Community center.

A portion of the funding of these improvements came from the GDOT and federally funded TE program. Because of the impact to surrounding businesses, public input was a major component of this project.

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