Richland Library – Teen Center at Main - Columbia, SC

Our designers collaborated with Richland Library staff to explore their many, varied program ideas for the Teen Center. The design approach created a space embracing HoMaGo – “Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out.” Dynamic, modern and fun, the space uses a variety of textures and colors; defined by low walls and Coil Drapery, the space is flexible to expand beyond the area’s boundaries as needed for programming. An intriguing focal point of the design is a canopy, conceived by designers and fabricated by a local artisan, which creates a “space within a space.” Intended to engage teens with technology for self-directed, peer-to-peer learning and creative expression, the Teen Center offers access to exciting new technologies including: 3D printers; Microsoft Pixel Sense Touch Table; ReadyAnimator Stations; and WhisperSync Vocal Recording Booth.

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