Plantation Airpark – Infrastructure Feasibility Analysis - Screven County, GA

This project, which involves the analysis of the key infrastructure components necessary to support the potential development of the Airpark for industrial tenants. As part of the analysis, the Authority wanted to further define / refine the critical infrastructure (water, sanitary, roadway, runway expansion, and storm water) that would be required to attract businesses to the Airpark. The analysis is evaluating two inter-dependent scenarios: 1) limited improvements to support current and initial (10%) development of the Airpark; 2) additional future improvements to support complete development of the Airpark. The intent being that the infrastructure could be developed in phases to correspond with demand to minimize financial exposure. Within the analysis, Pond is also identifying current permitting requirements (and typical timelines) so that the Authority can better estimate the lead time necessary to have the improvements ready for potential developers.

In order to maintain a consensus of all stakeholders and to ensure the final plan stayed in-line with their expectations, Pond created a phased approach with defined milestones for deliverables and client feedback. This allowed us to react to changing conditions, from economic, to local governmental decisions, to state and federal regulatory requirements. It also enabled the client to re-prioritize their needs / vision based on the information as it became available, maximizing the ability for the plan to be implemented as soon as adopted.

The analysis is currently underway and is expected to be complete in late 2017. Aside from the final technical study, Pond is also creating a marketing package that will highlight the property, including airport / runway capacity, existing and proposed infrastructure, parcel information such as zoning and acreage options, as well as local and state economic development points of contact.

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