Master Plan and Full Buildout, Ramey Sector & Station Border Patrol - Aquadilla, Puerto Rico

Pond provided professional services to develop a comprehensive master plan for the Border Patrol – Ramey Sector and Station (BP) and subsequently provided full A/E Design services to incorporate many of the Master Plan recommendations. The work provided a direction for future development at the BP Ramey Sector and Station and established specific design guidelines to maintain and enhance the assets of the installation. Pond incorporated improvements and renovations to the existing buildings to accommodate additional administrative, warehouse and detainee processing areas. Site improvements included renovations to the existing circulation and parking areas, site demolition, site drainage and security systems, as well as the addition of new facilities to include a working dog kennel. In addition, the compound site lighting was improved to provide proper illumination.

The Master Plan process involved onsite facility and needs assessment along with integration of current Customs and Border Protection standards within the confines of the existing site. Pond team members met with Border Patrol and Customs and Border Protection personnel at an onsite design charrette to identify the necessary site and facility upgrades and develop an implementation program. The resulting study outlined the facility conditions and required/suggested improvements as well a program defining a “menu” of projects that were identified and their logical order of progression. The projects definition included parametric cost estimates for each project.

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