Mableton Town Square - Cobb County, GA

A new town square was constructed at the Church Street intersection creating a new community park space centered around Mableton Elementary School.  The roadways are low-speed with on-street parking, landscaping, and lighting improvements to create a more walkable and inviting area.

The project is the result of a long-range master plan for the Mableton community. The plan focused on placemaking and walkability. As a joint project between Transportation and Landscape Architecture, step one of the square was able to be realized, creating the framework of a new community green space. Now the Cobb County Parks department is working on adding a playground and more creature comforts through additional park funding, which will help to complete the new community social space.

This project was the recipient of the GPTQ award for “Context Sensitive Design for the Mableton Town Square Project” at the 2016 Georgia Transportation Summit and an Honor Award at the 2018 ACEC Georgia Engineering Excellence Awards.

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