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The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) is currently undertaking a renovation and long range implementation program involving all institutions constructed more than 50 years ago.  The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Tallahassee, FL is one of these 50+ facilities.  It is undergoing a series of renovations geared toward extending the useful life of the physical plant, infrastructure and attendant support facilities.  Pond was retained by the FBOP to provide planning, value engineering, design and construction administration services. The first step was a Value Engineering review of the 50+ Infrastructure Replacement Project for the Institution. The value engineering analysis resulted in proposals to subdivide the overhaul of the facility to smaller and more manageable project sizes and also cut construction and operating costs by de-centralizing the existing steam plant to high efficiency gas fired packaged hot water boiler systems.

Pond has provided the designs for the following projects at FCI Tallahassee:

New Centralized Power House (10,200 sf) located outside the secured perimeter containing:

New Centralized Power House (10,200sf) located outside the secured perimeter containing:

Three 650 ton chillers and associated chilled water and condenser water pumping systems

Two 1750 kW diesel driven standby generators

Central Controls Office, Admin and Storage for the new Physical Plant

Utility Infrastructure Replacement for the following:

All sanitary and storm sewer systems

Fire and domestic water piping distribution systems

Chilled water piping systems

Primary electrical power and communications ductbank distribution

500,000 Gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank and Booster Pumps
20,000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Storage Tank
80 Person outside Dining Pavilion
Upgrade to Main Parking Lot
Updating the Facility’s Infrastructure Master Plan

In addition, Pond has been assisting FBOP personnel with Construction Administration services for the Utility Infrastructure and the Major Equipment (Power House) construction projects.  Services provided have been shop drawing submittal reviews, attendance at monthly construction meetings, responses to RFI’s, and development of punch lists.

Inmate Services Building, Federal Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia

Pond is providing full A/E services for the design of a 13,400sf inmate services building that includes a new central laundry facility and new commissary.  The building is planned to be located in the center of the existing courtyard across from the central dining facility.  Coordination with existing underground tunnels and utilities was required in order to select the optimum project site.   The 6,700sf laundry will provide for the ability to service the washing, drying and mending of clothing for approximately 2,000 inmates.

Fire Alarm System Upgrades, FCI Jesup, Georgia

Pond designed a new addressable fire alarm system for the entire complex (25+ buildings) and an inmate duress system for four housing units and the segregation housing unit.  The existing systems were of two different manufacturers and most were antiquated and not an addressable system.

Sanitary Sewer Study, FCI Estill, South Carolina

Pond was asked to evaluate the domestic water and sanitary sewer usage at Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Estill, in an effort to determine if any discrepancies in the water and sewer service provider’s bills existed, Pond evaluated the domestic water and sanitary sewer usage by installing flow measuring devices on both the water main that supplies domestic water to the prison and in the sanitary sewer main that leaves the prison, and compared the measured values during two 1-month  periods with the Town of Estill’s water and sewer bill.

Evaluate Pipe Corrosion/Deteriorating Water Lines Study, FCI & FDC Tallahassee, Florida

Pond was tasked to evaluate the reasons for corrosion and pinhole leaks in existing domestic potable water systems at multiple buildings at the Federal Correctional Institution and at the Federal Detention Center.  The analysis included testing and analysis of water samples, physical inspection of failed samples of pipe fittings and interviews with facility staff.

Design HVAC System for Kitchen, FCI Marianna, Florida

Pond provided a design to add air conditioning to the existing kitchen facility at FCI Marianna.  The building consists of a large area for cooking, cleaning and some food prep, a bakery and several large freezers and coolers.  This project provided for air conditioning for the large kitchen area, the bakery and some of the support spaces near the receiving area.

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