University of North Florida Facilities Improvements - Jacksonville, FL

In tandem with the University, Pond provides services to keep its programs operating smoothly throughout numerous complex phased renovations and remodeling projects totaling over 250,000sft. Our typical design process begins with a comprehensive needs analysis and interviews of administrators, faculty and in some instances students.  The results are collaborative plans and execution strategies that identify possibilities and challenges well in advance of construction starting.

Additions & Remodeling, Building One: Demand for increased administration spaces mandated an ambitious building program to accommodate the functional space increases. Pond worked closely with Facilities Planning personnel in performing a comprehensive needs analysis. An elaborate program is implemented in a creative functional scheme that melds new addition with completely remodeled areas.

Additions & Remodeling for Enrollment Services: Another key element of the university-wide remodeling project is the consolidation of the enrollment services into a completely remodeled space in Building Two. Pond worked closely with administrators to design an attractive, vibrant and exceptionally functional layout to properly welcome new attendees and serve entering students requisites.

Robinson Theater: Serving students with an intimate milieu for performances and presentations, Pond renovated the thirty year old Robinson Theater to provide an exceptional showcase of diverse revues. Interior renovations/remodeling includes lobby, auditorium (including acoustics improvements), stage, light and sound booths, projection room and green rooms.

Project experiences during our 15-year relationship with UNF include:

  • Remodeling for ITS Offices
  • Remodeling for DSRT Offices
  • Toilet Renovations-Buildings 3 & 4
  • Remodeling for Building 4 Laboratories
  • Remodeling for Enrollment Services
  • Remodeling/Renovations for Osprey Village
  • Remodeling for Faculty and Student Advising
  • Remodeling for Freshman and Sophomore Advising
  • Remodeling for Building 14E
  • Renovations for Alumni Café
  • Renovations for Aquatic Center
  • Remodeling for Career Services
  • Remodeling for Student Life Center

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