Samsung Electronics, Complex Addition - Newberry, SC

This $30M building is the third facility for Samsung Electronics appliance manufacturing campus in Newberry, SC. Design aspects including warehousing, racking, ESFR fire suppression, QC labs, receiving and shipping bays. Three heated mix tanks serve two process lines with a third future process line planned. A caustic tank mixture is used in the injection molding process. The process design provides for non-reactive materials and the TPE fusion off gassing is managed by controlled exhaust.

Samsung Home Appliance America contracted with Pond to design and build a 340,000 SF warehouse addition (Complex-3) connecting two of their previously constructed complexes. Complex-3 is a storage and production integration facility designed to through-put their existing plastic extrusion plant components (Complex-2) and incoming raw materials for staged integration into their existing production facility (Complex-1).

As part of the construction effort was an existing county roadway, including underground utilities, and a non-related manufacturing facility requiring complete demolition and disposal. To prevent business interruption to ongoing operations, Pond provided new temporary loading dock facilities to replace those lost to the new connecting portion of the Complex. A very aggressive schedule was placed on this effort providing a total duration of 7 months for design and construction.

The ability to collaborate entirely in-house between design and construction has allowed Pond to design, permit and construct the project on time.

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