Louise G. Howard Park - Atlanta, GA

Howard Park was donated to the City of Atlanta by the Howard family; it is the former site of the Howard residence located on Collier Road overlooking and adjacent to Tanyard Creek. The nearly 5 acre estate has been cleared of most remnants of the former residence and a passive park has emerged. The site is filled with native wildflowers in the springtime and is a mini-arboretum unto itself. The park is a critical link in the necklace of greenspace through this part of Atlanta. Prior to the development of Howard Park, Pond led the design of the first mile of the Atlanta BeltLine Northside Trail which travels through and connects Ardmore, Tanyard Creek, and Howard Parks, as well as Bobby Jones Golf Course and the many surrounding neighborhoods. The treatment of Howard Park was rather minimal but impactful. By turning the former home site into a gently rolling lawn and connecting the upper elevations of the property to the lower portions and the Creekside BeltLine trail through a granite stairway nestled into the hillside, the park is fully knitted into the fabric of the neighborhoods. A small pavilion is located at a great vantage point within the park and on any given day you will find families sitting for portraits, yoga classes, even weddings occurring in this beautiful setting, all the while the Beltline trail is abuzz with walkers, joggers, and cyclists. Pond developed the full construction documents for the park based upon a master plan facilitated by the City of Atlanta Parks Department landscape architects. The project included numerous reviews and meetings with the community and coordination with the Cherokee Garden Club.

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