Tank Inspection Program - U.S. Naval Installations Worldwide

Pond provided comprehensive architecture and engineering services for two consecutive Indefinite Quantity contracts that involved over 100 task orders of various studies and design for repair, maintenance and construction projects at 15 Naval installations throughout LANTDIV’s region. Typical projects included design and rehabilitation of fuel storage tanks, bulk storage facilities and distribution systems, environmental regulatory compliance audits, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, integrity testing, storage tank management plans, tank inventories, leak detection, corrosion protection, containment areas, and facility response plans, including:

Bulk Storage Facilities, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

  • Fuel storage tank replacement design for 15 above ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs).
  • Environmental regulatory compliance audit & SPCC plans.
  • Numerous API 653 inspections.
  • Pump house replacement.
  • Various fuel system revisions.
  • Lead based paint testing and abatement.

Craney Island, VA

  • SPCC plan.
  • API 653 inspections at 26 ASTs.
  • Various fuel storage tank replacement design.
  • Petroleum contaminated waste disposal plan.
  • Secondary containment systems.

Little Creek, VA

  • SPCC plan.
  • API 653 inspection of various ASTs.
  • Various fuel storage tank replacement designs.

Naval Air Station (NAS), Roosevelt Roads and NAGA Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico

  • Groundwater sampling for petroleum products.
  • Soil testing and remediation.
  • Containment system with impervious liner.

NAS Sigonella, Italy

  • Storage tank management plan/evaluation of 120 fuel storage tanks.
  • API 653 inspections and testing of 18 bulk storage tanks (NATO Cut & Covers, UST, and AST’s).
  • Various fuel storage tank repairs & replacement design.

MCAS Cherry Point, NC

  • Five ASTs, one 10,000 BBL, three 50,000 gallon and one 25,000 gallon.
  • Removal of tank sludge and contaminated soil.
  • Secondary containment.
  • Environmental/air quality permitting/construction permitting.
  • Environmental compliance audits.

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