Cloudland Canyon Connector Trail Master Plan - Rising Fawn, GA

The Lula Lake Land Trust works to protect and preserve the properties in the Rock Creek watershed that runs along Lookout Mountain. The Trust, in conjunction with Georgia DNR and Cloudland Canyon State Park, in a first of its kind public-private partnership for the park system, hired Pond to develop a master plan for the Cloudland Canyon Connector Trail to connect the Land Trust and DNR properties. The master plan includes a multi-use trail plan, aka the Connector Trail, as well as a mountain bike trail system and a back country challenge hiking trail, all on State Park property.
In addition, recommendations were made for access points, basic infrastructure improvements, and development of a management protocol for the entire trail system. The firm provided schematic designs for trail Identity and directional signage and developed a strategic plan outlining the process and sequencing needed to implement the master plan. Upon adoption of the master plan Pond assisted the Land Trust and DNR in writing a grant for $100,000 toward development of two trailheads and a mile line segment of the connector trail. The grant was awarded, and Pond was retained to develop plans an details for the construction of the trailheads and trail.

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